We are a small business that owns a franchise and since we were new to our industry we needed a comprehensive way to maintain and review and analyze our sales data. So we created this online business portal of web apps and grouped them into two business suites.
How it Works

You'll get a free, no obligation, 7-day trial to use our business suites. The trial will end on the eighth day unless you pay the required fee. A payment will change your status from "Trial" to "Go Live" and your account will be active for the next 30-days. A payment will be due every 30 days to keep your account active.

The cost is $1.99 per day or $59.70 per month for each suite. Or if you want both suites the cost is $2.99 per day or $89.79 per month. The monthly fee is the amount that will be collected when you pay.
Request Form

For a 7-day free trial please fill out all the information below and click the "Submit" button. All fields are required. We will email you a trial account login within 24 hours.

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