Sample Application

A job application is very meaningful because it captures valuable information about the applicant that they might not put on their resume. Below we have displayed the different sections that are contained in the ITBizPortal application.

When you sign up for an account with us you'll get a link to your own application page your login account. Your account will give you access to perform all your backend processing such as creating job postings, reviewing applications and more.

Your company logo and address will be displayed at the top of your application.

Below your logo will be the equal opportunity employer message along with a dropdown that displays your job openings. This section also informs the applicant that they can upload their resume after they submit the application.

The input for the applicant's primary information is then displayed as well as their work availability and their education.

The next section is where the applicant fills out the information about their employment history.

And the last section is the disclaimer and the electronic signature.